Bike Ride Information for Sunday 1/31/2016

Boyscout Bike Ride (20-30 miles) 

Dear Parents, 

We will be holding a bike ride for the boy scouts who are interested in completing the cycling merit badge course. This will be a fun ride in which we will be ride mostly at a leisure pace but could get challenging at times. Parents and friends are welcome and encouraged to join the ride for fun and fitness. Please review the following information regarding to the ride:

Date: Sunday, January 31

Time: 9:30 am

Place: Georg Bush Park

Distance: 20-30 miles

Break: Every 10 miles

Current forecast for Sunday: Mid-60s cool and breezy around 9.30 but will warm up to 75F by noon. So, consider wearing long sleeve for the ride.

Must-have items for the rides: 

1. Helmet and gloves

2. 2 Water bottles (20-24oz each), preferably fitted onto the water cages on the bike

3. 2 to 3 of your favorite energy/snack bar

4. Wear fit and comfortable clothes (no baggy or saggy clothes), tennis shoes or cycling shoes

5. Bikes: Road bike, mountain bike or hybrid bikes



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