Eagle Scout Event Appreciation

Dear Parents, Leaders and Scouts,

The Eagle Scout ceremony is done and it was very successful due to your full support.

Without the support of every member of the Liên Đoàn, I do not think we can make it.

Thanks God had given us a wonderful group of parents and devoted leaders and also a group of well  trained cub, girl, and boy scouts. They are all so helpful. Without their participations, our ceremony can not start on time. In two hours, we can make it happens. Now when looking at the pictures taken by 2 main professional photographers (2 anh Quangs) I am so happy that it turned out so well. Thanks hai anh Quang.

– On behalf of our Liên đoàn, we praise our Color guards. They perform perfectly!

– We praise all the other scouts who sit in the back and quietly follow the program like the adults

– Thanks Parents who prepared plentiful of foods and drinks and help to serve the guests.

– Thanks all the leaders had come to celebrate the big event like truong Pham minh Hung,

truong Nguyen Chi Hieu driven 5 hours to visit us under the rain.

– Thanks for the generosity of truong Thien and Phuong Khanh had paid for big water cooling fan and a lot of decorations bought from BSA specially for Eagle Scout ceremony.

– Thanks for gia dinh anh Thơ chị Châu had taken care of the Decorations of the “Eagle-Candles”

and the central stage.

– Thanks chị Thủy Ngô had coordinated with chi Annie to pick up foods on time for the events.

Thanks for parents of 4 Eagles had contributed in preparation of foods for the reception. I noticed that we had a big crowd but we still have plenty of extra foods.

In general, with this event, we can acknowledge the FAMILY spirit of our Liên Đoàn is high. Please keep it up – we can do more with better result in the future.

Hello all, I have to write this letter in English with the best of my ability because there are a group of leaders and parents who do not read Vietnamese well as English. So if I do make mistakes please forgive me.

Thanks again each of you on behalf of our Liên Đoàn Lasan

Cheers in Scouting,

Truong Phuoc Martin

Liên Đoàn Hướng đạo LaSan

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