LASAN Picnic – Tet celebration – Cycling MB completion (Update 02/25)

Dear parents, leaders and scouts,

Regarding the cycling Merit badge

1. If you are a new one who would take this merit badge. See Truong Phuoc and sign up for a BLUE CARD
2. Take the presentation
3. Ride your bike as required by the book

Note: on Sunday, if you can not take the bike to the park, ask your parents to drop it at Lasan around 12:30pm
Truong Phuoc will open the trailer so you can drop your bike in the trailer
If you can transport the bike to the park – please do it and save a trip to Lasan

Truong Phuoc



Dear parents, leaders and Scouts

The Pavillon ONE at Bush Park is reserved for our LĐ LASAN

To have annual Picnic

To celebrate NEW Tết Bính Thân

To Let our scouts completed their Cycling MB

Please reserve this date:

January 31, 2016 From 7:00 am to 3:00pm


  1. 7:00am. Leaving from LASAN if needed
  2. 8:00am. Arrive at Bush Park – Pavillon ONE
  3. 9:00am. cyCling MB – by Truong Long
  4. Cubscouts – ride bicycle and get Belt loop
  5. 11:00am. Lunch


3:00pm. Farewell


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