Thank You LASAN for Baton Rouge 09/02 to 09/03

Dear Scouts, Parents, and Leaders,

– I would like to thank everyone who came out this weekend to help the flood victims in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

– The work was hard, the smell was awful, and the images from the city and impacted victims homes from the flood is very bad.

– In the end we help over 200 families by completing the following below:
collecting and sorting donatied items
driving 5 hours to deliver the donated items
unloading and loading 200 bags of rice, 300 boxes of mi goi, endless number of canned food, and bags and bags of bread
going into impacted neighborhoods to deliver goods
passing out the food at the temple and church
cleaning houses (i.e. removing sheetrock, damage furniture / appliances, sweeping out damage debris, etc.)

– I realized it was kind of confusing during the whole process but we all still pulled through and helped people.

– It made me happy to see everyone come out and participated in the event.

– Again I can not thank everyone’s hard work and dedication from start to finish for the event

– This includes everybody who:
donated items
donated money
all those who help sort through donated items last week
all those who gave up time this holiday weekend and travel almost 300 miles to Baton Rouge to help

– We had 45 LASAN family members who traveled to Baton Rouge this weekend. Special THANK YOU! Words will never express my appreciation for your support and dedication to helping others.
Tr. Phuoc
Tr. Thien, Co Phuong Khanh, An
Chu Thanh and Paul Phan
Chu Tuan
Chu Tho and Anh Vu
Tr. Steven and Jayden
Tr. To Ai, Co Quyen, Tam, Anothony, Alex
Chu Tung, Co Annie, Leann, Lena
Co Thuy, Tony, Tommy
Chu Henry, Co Huong, Lance, Kevin
Co Tu, Sophia, Kevin Chau
Chu Thien, Co Ngan Ha, Tony, Allen
Chu Dung, Co Phuong Anh, Christina, Brianna
Tr. Thanh Anh, and friend
Kevin Ngo

– Also I would like thank Father Do from St. Anthony Church who help coordiating the event in Baton Rouge and provided a place for us to call home base for the weekend.

– Thank you Tr. Phuoc and Tr. Thien for always putting others first in your thoughts and actions. I realize that being a leader is hard work, a lot of dedication, commitment, and takes a lot of patience.

– Finally I would like to thank my family for all the help and support they have given me through out the years. They worked extremely hard to get me to where I am now. Seeing my dad work hard to help others made me realize the importance of giving back. This quote from Spider-man: “With great power comes great responsibility,” is an example of our accomplishment for this event.

~Thanks Again,
Matthew Nguyen

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