Thank You Note

Dear Parents, Leaders and SPL and Scouts

The camping was very successful and full of FUN!

The credits should go to everyone of us specially to the list of people below

(if I forgot to list your name or your group please “tap your shoulder and say you are a hero”

Ban Ẩm Thực                                                  Chị Hương, Annie, Thủy

Help cooking and washing dishes               a lot of parents

Ban Lái Xe                                                        Anh Tùng, em chị Annie

Ban lái Tàu                                                      Anh Henry

Photographers & cameraman                     Anh Quang & anh Henry (Hùng)

Active Cell phone photographer                 chị Hương Ngô

Quartermasters                                             Anh Huy, Trưởng Tô Ái, tr. PM – all the scouts

Campfire woods                                            Anh Huy, tr. PM

Set up and take down tents                        all parents and scouts

The most active leader of this camp         Truong Yvonne

The most wonderful SPL                              Kevin Ngô

the most active Patrol leaders                    all 3 patrol leaders

cooking food                                                  all 3 patrols

Thanks all and appreciate you all who participate so well and contribute so much to make this camp

a FUN and successful one.


Tr. PM

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